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  • Saul

    The brilliant and provocative Barrie Kosky returns to Adelaide with his masterpiece, Handel’s Saul.

  • The Riverbank Palais

    Get ready for the phoenix-like return of The Floating Palais as the hub of the 2017 Adelaide Festival

  • The Secret River

    Neil Armfield's masterful production, thrillingly reconceived for the stunning natural setting of the Anstey Hill quarry

  • Neil Finn

    One of the world’s finest songwriter returns to Adelaide Festival with his family for what promises to be an unforgettable twilight concert on the Adelaide Riverbank.

  • Richard III

    A mesmerising and darkly comic take on Shakespeare's classic, directed by Thomas Ostermeier

  • Betroffenheit

    A boundary-stretching hybrid of theatre and dance that takes inspiration from the aftermath of an almost unbearable personal tragedy

  • Rufus Wainwright

    Rufus performs a new concert version of Prima Donna and highlights from his tribute to Judy Garland, Rufus Does Judy

  • The Encounter

    A compelling true experience of a National Geographic photographer told through 3D audio to build an intimate and shifting world

  • Concerto Italiano

    One of Europe’s premiere baroque ensembles, renowned for their interpretations of Vivaldi, Monteverdi and Bach

  • Peter and the Wolf

    Could there be a better introduction to the orchestra and storytelling than the warm, whimsical and occasionally wicked Miriam Margolyes?

  • Adelaide Writers' Week 2017

    An outstanding week full of fabulous authors and books in the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden.

  • L-E-V: Killer Pig

    Killer Pig is a virtuosic tour-de-force that blurs the lines between grotesquery and elegance

  • L-E-V: OCD Love

    OCD Love is a tantalising and erotic exploration of lovers always just out of sync

  • 1967

    An anniversary celebration of the 1967 referendum, featuring stirring anthems of struggle, joy, protest and reflection

  • Gala

    Featuring a company of 15 Adelaide locals of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds, Gala is an ode to spontaneity and difference: uninhibited and imperfect.

  • Manual Cinema: Magic City

    Magic City tells the story of nine-year old Philomena, who builds a miniature city out of books and toys that comes alive.

  • Manual Cinema: Lula Del Ray

    Lula Del Ray is a lonely adolescent girl who is obsessed with a soulful country music duo and leaves home to meet them.

  • Backbone

    Gravity and Other Myths are back with their follow up to A Simple Space that (literally) tosses around the perception of what strength is

  • Portraits in Motion

    Creating flipbook portraits of the people he meets along the way, Gerling's work is beautiful, communal, resonant and unexpectedly affecting

  • Chamber Landscapes

    This series of concerts takes inspiration from its venue, marrying the intimacy of chamber music to panoramic grandeur

  • Every Brilliant Thing

    A play about depression and the lengths we go to for those we love.

  • The Backstories

    A rare glimpse behind the public personas of three storytellers as they open their hearts and their private photo collections

  • Gardens Speak

    This interactive sound installation provides a moving account of the lives and untimely deaths of ten Syrians


    Part performance-art monologue, part DJ set featuring music from The Smiths, Vampire Weekend, R.E.M. and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, part erotic floorshow; MDLSX is a visually ravishing, confronting, empowering hymn to androgyny.

  • La Gaia Scienza

    On historical instruments, Italian trio La Gaia Scienza plays music from the 19th century as if it were written yesterday.

  • Coral: Rekindling Venus

    Lie back under the giant projection dome of the Adelaide Planetarium and be surrounded by staggeringly beautiful coral reef imagery and high-resolution microscopic footage

  • Wot? No Fish!!

    Wot? No Fish!! is an extraordinary story of love and art told through the doodles on 1920s wage-packets

  • Intimate Space

    An experiential work of dance theatre set in the Hilton Adelaide hotel from Adelaide's own Restless Dance Theatre

  • Eighth Blackbird

    The closest thing classical music has to a rock band

  • Kids' Weekend 2017

    Kids' Weekend is two days of stories, songs, parades and some pretty amazing creatures.

  • The Drunken Botanist

    Join Author Amy Stewart for a lunch curated by chef Paul Baker in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for a leisurely conversation about our botanical world.

  • Yidaki

    A collaboration between the South Australian Museum and the Yolngu people, this special exhibition explores Yidaki through sound, story, moving image and rarely seen treasures from the South Australian Museum’s collection.

  • Versus Rodin

    Marking 100 years since Auguste Rodin’s death in 1917, this exhibition places Rodin’s work in conversation with modern and contemporary artists.

  • RED

    A surrealist cinematic offering and a savage tale of female power featuring Cate Blanchett.

  • The Ocean After Nature

    The Ocean After Nature and Countercurrents feature the work of 23 Australian and international artists, exploring our relationship with and connections to the oceans through new media, sculpture, installation, painting and photography.

  • WOMADelaide 2017

    Set in the lush surrounds of Botanic Park, WOMAD is an immersive global journey of delight, discovery and joyous diversity through the World of Music, Arts and Dance, over the March long weekend.

  • The F Word

    Over four nights Annabel takes over Adelaide’s most intimate new venue as she sits down with some of the festival’s most fascinating artists and thinkers

  • Long Lunch Series

    Enjoy the best local tastes with our long lunch series on The Riverbank Palais, featuring the chefs who shaped our culinary destiny

  • Andrew Nolte and His Orchestra

    Travel back in time to the roaring 20s and the original Palais de Danse as Andrew Nolte and his orchestra breathe new life into the music of the era

  • Kurt Vile

    Described as a young man with an old soul, Kurt Vile’s latest record b’lieve i’m goin down… hangs up the electronic guitar for a cohesive, acoustic experience

  • Toro Y Moi

    Since 2001, producer/songwriter/vocalist Toro Y Moi has introduced the world to his unique genre-blending sound

  • Mexrrissey

    A team of musical gunslingers out of Mexico City pay homage to that love by reinventing the iconic music of the Smiths frontman

  • The Bamboos

    The Bamboos have continually redefined Australian soul and have carved out a signature sound embracing classic and contemporary influences

  • Hot 8 Brass Band

    Direct from the streets of New Orleans, the raucous and rollicking Hot 8 Brass Band has re-cast traditional marching band jazz with funk, R&B and hip-hop

  • La Mambanegra

    Sassy, sexy and captivating, this electrifying nine-piece orchestra is the embodiment of salsa.

  • All Our Exes Live In Texas

    All Our Exes Live in Texas is a fantasy draft of Sydney’s finest singer-songwriters, here combining in four-part indie-folk heaven.

  • Dave Graney n the Coral Snakes

    In the 90s Dave Graney ‘n’ the Coral Snakes stood out with wit, flash and weirdness

  • REMI

    REMI burst onto the Australian music scene earlier this decade with his unique style of hip-hop and soul

  • Lord Echo Sound System

    A multi-instrumentalist producer, engineer and DJ, Lord Echo’s music imagines a world where reggae and rocksteady rub shoulders with Latin music, disco, African soul and techno

  • Argentine Tango Milonga

    Enter an intriguingly beautiful tango salon with Australia’s best modern tango quintet Tángalo

  • Urtekk, DJ Shep and Paul Bartlett

    Urtekk will bring their infectious grooves, catchy melodies and lush chords to this floating dancefloor for the final Friday night of the Festival.

  • Closing Night Party

    Your final chance to board The Riverbank Palais for 2017, we'll be seeing out this year's Adelaide Festival in style.

  • Late Night DJs

    As the last bow is taken and the last instrument packed away, our line-up of late-night DJs take centre stage

  • House of Mirrors

    There is only one way in. Getting out is an art.

  • The Duke

    Funny, poignant and playful, The Duke weaves together the tragi-comic fate of a family heirloom

  • Who Am I

    Russell Cheek takes to the stage to share the story of his efforts to climb out of unemployed-actor poverty by attempting to win the jackpot and prizes on Sale of the Century

  • Festival Forums

    Bring your lunch down to the Adelaide Riverbank and experience the free Festival Forums, hosted by one of Australia’s most influential commentators, David Marr

  • Breakfast with Papers

    There’s a new home for your favourite morning ritual

  • Parc Palais

    Overlooking The Riverbank Palais from Elder Park is your hub for the 2017 festival season: Parc Palais

  • Nickodemus

    For two nights only Nickodemus will be gracing our floating stage with two exciting sets which will be sure to get you moving.

  • Frank Booker

    Frank Booker brings deepest disco, 80s boogie and cutting edge house music to the Riverbank Palais.

  • Mohair Slim

    Catch Mohair Slim serving us some historic African-American and Afro-Caribbean sounds at the Riverbank Palais.

  • Dr Packer

    Dr Packer, best known for his liquid drum & bass sets, doesn’t shy away from all things retro.

  • Richi Madan

    DJ Richi Madan brings the sounds of Bollywood to the floating Palais.

  • Total Eclipse

    Come and see Total Eclipse blend, mix, scratch, beat juggle and use his true showmanship to give the Riverbank Palais a night it won’t forget.

  • Late Nite Tuff Guy

    Late Nite Tuff Guy’s cuts are rapidly becoming classics in their own right, deftly reworking vintage disco and soul tunes into modern clubbing wonders.

  • Messin Around

    DJs Troy J Been and Anth Wendt are sharing soul good vibes from hip hop to disco, house to beats and anything and everything in between!

  • Cath Kerry

  • Mark Best

  • Christine Manfield

  • Michael Ryan

  • Cheong Liew

  • Karl Firla

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