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David Sefton – Artistic Director

Karen Bryant – Chief Executive

Hilary Abel – Marketing Executive

Jordan Archer – Digital Marketing Assistant

Mandy Armstrong – Show Group Travel Manager

Tammy Bands – IT Manager

Prue Bassett – National Publicist

Wendy Bennett – Senior Finance Assistant

Sara Bradshaw – Philanthropy Director

Sarah Catford – Business Development Coordinator

Bill Coleby – Risk Management Consultant

Marg Crompton – Tommy Production Assistant

Nathan D’Agostino – Production Coordinator

Michelle Delaney – Festival Venue Designer

Kate Donnelly – Program Administrator

Duncan Fraser – Media Relations Manager

Alison Growden – Production Logistics Coordinator

Jude Gun – Associate Producer

Hollee Gunter – Production Coordinator

Lucy Guster – Associate Producer (Visual Arts)

Emma Hawkes – Production Coordinator

Meredith Holden – Finance Assistant

Adam Hornhardt – Special Events Production Manager

Gabrielle Hornhardt – Production Coordinator

Taren Hornhardt – Production Director

Trevor Horskins – Finance & Administration Director

Jack Horton – Production Coordinator

Anna Hughes – Writers’ Week Coordinator

Samuel Jozeps – Digital Marketing Executive

Flower Knutas – Assistant to Artistic Director and Music Program

Laura Kroetsch – Director, Adelaide Writers’ Week

Victoria Lewis – Business Development & Events Executive

Stephanie Lyall – Print Marketing Executive

Charné Magor – Executive Officer

Bruce McKinven – Adelaide Writers’ Week Designer

Brianna Meldrum – Production Administrator (Maternity leave from Sep 2014)

Gillian Mercer – Business Development Director

Joe Mount – IT Support Officer

Lesley Newton – Program Director

Maggie Oster – Production Administrator

Roland Partis – Production Coordinator

Mark Pennington – Technical Manager

Carolyn Pickering – Volunteers Coordinator

Lauren Pitman – Publicity Coordinator

Daniella Ricciardi – Marketing Coordinator

Michelle Reid – Marketing and Communications Director (Job Share)

Ben Snodgrass – Senior Production Coordinator

Tom Sutton – Site Coordinator – Blinc

Wendy Todd – Blinc Bar Designer

Annie Waters – Writers’ Week Assistant

Bernessa Weber – Office Administrator

Kaye Weeks – Marketing and Communications Director (Job Share)

Anne Wiberg – Associate Producer

Michelle Wigg – Program Coordinator

Rohan Yates – Production Coordinator